FOOT MASSAGE (traditional trampling)

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Thai foot massage on the back belongs to anti-stress therapy, in the My Thai salon, it is performed by certified specialists. This is a great alternative to classic hand massage, which is highly effective.

Foot massage technique

The procedure is performed with the help of feet and knees, the master “walks” over the patient’s body, produces kneading, pressing movements, while deeply working out the muscles of the back, legs and arms.

The client lies on a mat or a special couch, aromatic oils are applied to his body. The order and number of movements depends on the problems that bother the person. If massage is needed to eliminate pain in the upper back and in the area of ​​the shoulder blades, the master makes pressure movements in the area that is above the waist, and for back pain, the emphasis is on the lower spine. The duration of the procedure depends on the indications of the client.

An effective type of foot massage is Turkish massage, it is done in a hammam. The procedure is performed on a steamed body, due to which all muscles, joints are deeply worked out, clamps and blocks are removed. Massaging is done with feet, knees, elbows.

Выполнение массажа с помощью ног

The effect of foot massage

This type of massage technique has evolved over the centuries. It was practiced in India, China, Burma, Turkey. The actions of the masters were formed intuitively and supported by observations. In the process of the emergence of new information about human physiology, the techniques were corrected.

Trampling the body with feet has no less effect than manual massage technique, and in terms of depth and degree of impact it surpasses other types of massage. It is stronger, but with a softer effect, since the area of \u200b\u200bthe feet is larger than the area of \u200b\u200bthe palms.

This procedure is necessary for those who want:

  • relax;
  • recover;
  • improve blood circulation;
  • relieve muscle spasms, nervous tension.

After the procedure, guests feel a surge of strength, lightness in the body and in the movement of the joints. The feeling is that every bone, every joint and muscle has been worked out. Many clients report improvements in joint mobility, posture and gait. Foot massage has an anti-stress effect.

This technique is especially useful for people involved in sports, as this procedure helps to relieve muscle tension, and it also has an analgesic effect. The natural energy balance in the body is restored.

Indications, contraindications

Foot massage is recommended for:

  • muscle spasms, back pain;
  • swelling in the limbs;
  • chronic fatigue, nervous tension.

If you have oncology, cardiovascular diseases are diagnosed, it is not recommended to do foot massage, you should also refrain from such procedures during pregnancy.

In the salon “My Thai” you can sign up for various relaxing treatments. A complete list of services is available on our website. Massage brings healing and relaxation, sign up for procedures at My Thai by phone: +7 (812) 940-62-77+7 (812) 922-33-34.

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