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Milk bath occupies a special place among the rejuvenating SPA procedures. For miraculous properties, the Queen of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, fell in love with her. The recognized beauty struggled with aging with her help, relieved fatigue and stress, provided herself with a restful sleep. The effectiveness of the procedure was also appreciated by our contemporaries. Thanks to lactic acid and a large amount of vitamins, the skin becomes moisturized, velvety, toned after the first session.

The price of a milk bath cannot be low, because the client will be immersed in a warm healing liquid, which is completely composed of natural ingredients.

The duration of the procedure is 20 minutes.

Thai massage salon and SPA “My Thai” invites you to sign up for milk baths in St. Petersburg.

Request a call back for a detailed consultation, as well as choosing one of six locations to visit the salon in St. Petersburg.

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