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Price on request

Price on request

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What is included in the price

What can be included in the bachelorette party SPA program:

  • Thermal procedures, including infrared sauna at the address: st. Savushkina d. 140, st. Malaia Buharestskaia 12.
  • Hamam or salt bath at the address: st. Marata 22-24, st. Tipanova 34 k.
  • Scrubbing, body wrapping (an additional service may be a thermal eye mask).
  • Aroma oil massage.

Price for 3 guests :

  • on weekdays – 18,960 rubles, each subsequent guest – 6,320 rubles.
  • on weekends – 23,100 rubles, each subsequent guest – 7,700 rubles.

The best idea for spending leisure time with girlfriends is a bachelorette party at the spa. At this event, you can relax and chat, while doing pleasant spa treatments. Our manager will help you create a program that includes fragrant baths, massages, cosmetic face and body care, detox, and relaxation procedures. Such an event will be remembered by pleasant emotions, you will have a rest physically and psychologically in the company of close friends.

A reason to spend a bachelorette party in the SPA salon

A woman needs close meetings with friends who share her life positions. We need to visit, share something interesting, express our opinion on various issues. Meetings of girlfriends should be feminine and warm and pleasant.

If you want to turn this rendezvous into a source of energy, and for a woman, energy is sexuality, beauty, attractiveness, there is no better place than a SPA salon. It is here that you will be filled and recharged with the energy you need. There is a special atmosphere at such an event, I want to talk about beautiful, pleasant, positive. A visit to the spa in the company of friends will make you happy, because the main task of such a party is to have fun.

Повод провести девичник в SPA салоне

On what occasions can you organize a SPA bachelorette party:

  • birthday;
  • New Year’s and other calendar holidays;
  • upcoming wedding;
  • professional holidays;
  • corporate informal meetings in the women’s team.

At your service is the SPA salon “My Thai”, where you can simply, without any reason, organize a SPA bachelorette party in St. Petersburg for two or three friends.

Spa programs for bachelorette parties

Our spa center offers many services: aromatic baths, various types of massages, detox programs, as well as other pleasant body and face treatments. You can also consider ready-made spa programs that differ in duration and number of procedures. It would be optimal to arrange an event for four to five girls.

The event can be organized in the same style, choosing, for example, a Hawaiian relaxing massage, soft peeling, a unique tea ceremony.

In which salon to hold a SPA bachelorette party

There are many centers in St. Petersburg offering spa services, but you need to choose one that employs qualified, specially trained masters. It is important that hygiene standards are observed, offices and halls are comfortable, with a beautiful interior, a pleasant atmosphere conducive to relaxation. An important factor is the location, “My Thai” is located in the city center, has its own parking. Holding a bachelorette party is an event that requires organization, entrust it to our professionals.

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