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ATTENTION! Available only in the salon at st. Marata, 22

The history of Kobido facial massage goes back to traditional oriental medicine. Japanese women are famous for their long youth: at 40 they look 20, at 50 they look 30. Kobido procedures become available to European women. We offer massage services in St. Petersburg using techniques from Japan. The effect comes already after the first manual impact, remains for a long time.

Benefits of Japanese Kobido Massage

Beauty treatments are often painful and unpleasant. “They demand sacrifice,” says a well-known proverb. But cosmetology, which uses the ancient traditions of oriental sculptural techniques, is pleasant and comfortable. You will get the following effects from the massage:

  • strengthening muscles, getting rid of jowls, sagging, double chin;
  • strengthening the deep layers of the skin at the level from the epidermis to the dermis;
  • “freezing” time due to facial massage, it stops the aging process;
  • relaxation of the muscles of the neck, back and face – the pain associated with osteochondrosis disappears;
  • correction of the consequences of improper lifestyle, nutrition, incorrect posture;
  • increased blood circulation, accelerated regeneration, enhanced cell synthesis.

The effect spreads and persists throughout the body, not just on the face and neck. The reviews note the disappearance of stress, fatigue, improvement in the overall tone of the body. After the massage, girls and women feel calm, pleasantly relaxed, and enjoy life.

How Japanese Kobido massage is done

Oriental sculptural massage requires a high level of technique on the part of the master. The cost is 100% justified – massage techniques are not easy, you can not repeat them at home without a certificate of qualification. Do the procedure as follows:

  • The first step is gentle cleansing. The cosmetologist analyzes the condition of the skin, selecting the appropriate products. Substances correspond to the type of epidermis – dry, oily, mixed, prone to inflammation.
  • The second step is hydration. The skin needs to be prepared for the procedure, the master uses Japanese compounds that ensure blood circulation. The muscles are ready to receive the massage.
  • At the third stage – the direct study of the muscles of the face, neck. Eastern technique takes into account energy lines, meridians, due to which the effect of a complex effect on the body is guaranteed.

Unlike most cosmetic procedures, this one is pleasant and comfortable. It is easy to immerse yourself in enveloping pleasure, enjoying the tactile contact with the fingers of a skilled craftsman. Together with clamps, disturbing “fossils” of muscles, experiences, everyday worries, and accumulated stress go away.

Where to order a Kobido massage – price, conditions

The price corresponds to the level of service, since you will receive not only rejuvenation, but also a lasting effect, recovery. Purchase a Kobido massage certificate for yourself or as a gift at a bargain price.

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