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Yuri Dorofeev

I came for a Thai massage with a certificate given by my colleagues. The ambience in the spa was pleasantly impressive. Last year I visited Thailand, the atmosphere was the same. I will come as soon as possible

Anastasia K.

I was looking for a massage salon, because I was very stressed after a lot of moving, and accidentally decided to go to MyThai. I was extremely satisfied with the service, atmosphere and massage – the master who worked with me had some special techniques that I had never seen before. And the result is amazing – my back has stopped bothering me, and the effect has lasted for 2 weeks! I will definitely make visits here regularly.

Natalie Shestakova

I had a Thai massage several times and was delighted. A very friendly, tactful administrator, the procedure itself was of high quality, they brought tea after the procedure – very tasty. Thank you for relaxing and working out your whole body.

Anton P.

I would like to recommend this Thai massage parlor to anyone who wants to experience an unforgettable experience. The massage therapists here master the art of Thai massage at the highest level. They show care and attention to each client, creating a unique atmosphere of relaxation. I am confident that everyone who visits this salon will be as delighted with the experience as I was.

Natalia Tretyakova

The staff is very kind and polite. I came for a massage, I was greeted wonderfully, told in detail about the types of massage and spa treatments, and offered tea. Since it was my first time here, I decided to try a traditional Thai massage. I really liked it, the spa procedure lasted an hour, but I should have taken more. Next time I’ll try something else and take more time

Dmitry Iodogolvis

A friend recommended this salon to me and I was delighted!) The first time I went myself – they treated me so well that I came home and immediately fell asleep))) The second time I brought my mother and sister. Almost 2 weeks have passed, and my mother still remembers how well the massage was given to her, and that the result lasts and pleases her to this day! Special thanks to administrator Anastasia! Friendly, polite, always smiling). When I was waiting for my mother and sister to get a massage, I gave her some delicious tea))) Thanks to such employees, the overall impression of the salon is formed. I hope management will give Anastasia a positive review!

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Nina Sedova

I recently returned from Thailand and have something to compare with. The service at My Thai is many times better, and Thai massage is in no way inferior to the “original”. This was my first time at this spa, I really liked the atmosphere and cool interior. I will definitely come back in the future and recommend it to my friends


Excellent massage and pleasant atmosphere, just what you need to relax from the bustle of the city! I liked Master Shahnoz. Consistently does a good job, the approach is professional and comfortable.

Natalya B.

Wonderful salon!!! The skill and competence of the massage masters does not cause any complaints! Special thanks to master Svetlana!! A sensitive and attentive person! Identifies pathological areas and pain points that require treatment, as they say, by touch and instantly! Also wonderful fairy girls at the reception! The environment is relaxing and healing. Everything is very comfortable and tasteful! I recommend it to everyone, you won’t regret it!


I had a hot oil massage! All the “clamps” in my back, legs and arms have been removed! I have two back injuries. After the massage the pain went away. Plus, as a dancer, I need to relax my muscles. I am writing a review after more than a month. Until now, nothing hurts anywhere. I now recommend it to all my friends

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