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The teams gradually began to move away from the classic corporate parties held in a restaurant, outdoors or in an entertainment center. For the management of companies, it is important to maintain the emotional state of their employees, so we offer to hold a SPA corporate party. Our SPA center “My Thai” is at your service. This is a place for those who appreciate rest and know how to combine communication with relaxation, this is a place of beauty and health.

What is the peculiarity of SPA corporate parties

The main advantage of meeting colleagues of the same company in the SPA is that it is also held for recreational purposes. There are many reasons for such a meeting: to celebrate a birthday, professional holiday or New Year. SPA corporate party can be organized for both male and female teams.

Rest relaxation is gaining popularity among the stronger sex. Understanding the value of taking care of your body makes spa treatments essential. If the beauty of the body is important for women here, men have other priorities, for them it is rest, recuperation. And we are ready to offer a diverse range of services.

What awaits you at the SPA corporate party:

  • relaxing atmosphere;
  • exotic and traditional body treatments using natural cosmetics;
  • nice tea ceremony.

В чем особенность SPA корпоративов

It offers SPA corporate parties in the My Thai center: relaxation programs, saunas, body shaping procedures, face, neck, décolleté treatments. Rest in the SPA is possible in any weather, it does not depend on the season of the year.

What SPA treatment we are ready to offer

In our center you can relax and fully restore your strength. To do this, we invited the best Thai massage specialists who practiced in Bangkok and own various massage techniques.

As part of the SPA corporate party, you can get a massage:

  • classic Thai;
  • hot oil;
  • using herbal bags;
  • hot stones;
  • gouache.

For people involved in sports, we offer sports massages, as well as foot and knee techniques. In addition to various types of massage techniques, you can also order other equally popular spa treatments from us:

  • “Chocolate Pleasure”, helps to restore the hydro-lipid balance with the help of chocolate wraps;
  • “The limitless power of herbs”, which has an anti-aging effect;
  • “Tropical cocktail”, smoothes the skin, gives it elasticity;
  • “SLIM TALAS”, an excellent program for weight loss and getting rid of cellulite.

Thanks to all the procedures, you will get rid of negative energy, restore energy balance, feel a surge of strength and at the same time enjoy the magical world of SPA.

Our guests can independently draw up a program for a corporate party in the SPA or entrust the organization to a manager. Affordable prices and a wide range of services will make your vacation rich.

One of our main advantages is a convenient location in St. Petersburg. You can quickly reach us by any means of transport, there is a guarded parking lot. We can also organize a taxi call for all your colleagues.

The rhythm of life in a big city does not leave time for relaxation, but it can be organized, and it is better to do it in a spa center. Professional massage therapists and a cosmetologist will work for you, we will select a special program designed for both several people and a large number of guests. We use all the novelties of the beauty industry and guarantee you complete relaxation.

To receive exclusive offers, call us at +7 (812) 940-62-77+7 (812) 922-33-34.

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