Dear Guest, in order for your visit to MY THAI salons to be as pleasant, relaxing, disconnecting from the hustle and bustle and immersing in the world of Thailand, we have compiled simple recommendations to help you enjoy your vacation:

  • Book your appointment in advance, especially if it concerns weekends and holidays;
  • If possible, come 10-15 minutes earlier than the scheduled session, as this will help you slowly change into disposable underwear or a Thai massage suit, take a shower if necessary, and the masters also take their time and do not compress the time of the procedure;
  • Unfortunately, when your lateness is unavoidable, please notify our administrator so that he can adjust your program based on the current schedule of the day;
  • If it is possible to come by taxi to our salons, and not by private transport, use it, because it will give additional relaxation and tranquility for you and, believe me, you will feel a Spa ritual or massage differently. Tested on yourself more than once, because already being in a taxi, you begin to feel care for your body;
  • Put your mobile phones in airplane mode or turn off the sound during a massage session;
  • Remove all jewelry from the body, because during the massage, the whole body is worked out and you may feel uncomfortable from the tension of the chain or the pressure of earrings and rings, and this also restricts access to the master to study;
  • Before the procedures, it is better not to eat for an hour and not drink a lot, so you will feel more comfortable during the massage;
  • If you have special wishes for massage (the degree of intensity of massage) or contraindications (allergies, inflammation, pregnancy, etc.), then be sure to inform our administrator;
  • If you liked the massage, you can always leave a Tip to the master;
  • If for any reason you want to cancel your visit to us, then do it at least 1 day before the visit. In case of signing up for a gift certificate service and being unable to visit the salon at the time and date you booked, if the visit is canceled on the day of the specified record or no-show, the cost of the service is deducted from the certificate in accordance with the price list;
  • If the guest is in an inadequate or intoxicated state, the administration of the salons reserves the right to refuse service, as well as if in the massage room the client asks the master for additional services not included in our menu, the master has the right to interrupt the massage, and such a client will be denied further visits in our network. This also applies to boorish and abusive conversation on the part of the client on the phone. Smoking is prohibited in salons.


Please inform our administrator about possible contraindications or malaise before the session, this will make your visit as comfortable and safe as possible:

  • pregnancy;
  • allergic diseases;
  • the presence of prostheses (for example, hip, knee and other joints);
  • cervical and vertebral hernias;
  • various diseases of the skin, nails, scalp of infectious, fungal and unexplained etiology, various skin rashes;
  • benign and malignant tumors of various localization;
  • mental illness with excessive arousal, significantly altered psyche;
  • pulmonary heart failure, acute cardiovascular insufficiency, pulmonary edema;
  • blood diseases, angiitis, atherosclerosis of peripheral vessels, thrombangiitis, vascular aneurysms, aorta, heart, thrombosis, thrombophlebitis;
  • heart pain, heart valve defects, acute myocardial ischemia;
  • hemorrhages, bleeding, any diseases during their exacerbation;
  • generalized rheumatic diseases;
  • heart, kidney and liver failure;
  • venereal diseases, active forms of tuberculosis;
  • gangrene, osteomyelitis, trophic ulcers;
  • purulent processes, inflammation of lymph nodes, blood vessels;
  • acute feverish conditions, high body temperature, acute inflammatory processes;
  • gastrointestinal diseases in the acute stage;
  • acute hypertensive or hypotonic crisis;
  • general severe conditions in various diseases and injuries;
  • alcohol and drug intoxication;

For Us, the quality of massage and Spa treatments, as well as your comfortable condition are the main values of the work.

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