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surgeon, diagnostician, specialist in Ayurvedic and sports medicine
Education: St. Petersburg State University named after Mechnikov
Work experience: 10 years

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On the path to a healthy body, it is important not only relaxation, but also treatment.

That is why among our specialists there is Rajeev Rohila, an Ayurvedic doctor. He will help you determine the causes of your illness, and also advise and select an individual method of recovery. It is important to note that during treatment, natural Ayurvedic medicines are used, which are based on minerals and oils.
During the treatment, he will help you restore your vitality and give recommendations on Ayurvedic diets and daily routine.

Education: St. Petersburg State Medical Academy named after Mechnikov

Surgeon, diagnostician, specialist in Ayurvedic and sports medicine:

yoga therapy;
diagnostics of the spine and musculoskeletal system;
pulse diagnostics;
treatment of hernias, protrusions of intervertebral discs, compression fractures.

Work experience: 10 years.

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