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The best program for finding the breath of your skin. Indispensable after the holidays, when dry tan particles begin to disappear, wonderful for aging skin and for reducing age spots. Thanks to the SPA program with papaya, the top layer of the skin is updated, its tone increases, pores narrow, hyperpigmentation, freckles, acne are eliminated, and collagen production is activated.

Papaya seed extract and oil are rich in vitamins C and A, and papaya juice has a unique property – it breaks down keratin protein, removes dead skin cells, smoothing its structure.

  • Washing feet in a milk bath;
  • Sugar scrub with papaya pit;
  • Nourishing moisturizing mask;
  • Full body massage with papaya butter;
  • Tea ceremony.

To increase the effect of removing water from the body, you can add Steaming in a Cedar barrel for 20 minutes for 1000 for two at My Thai on Savushkina 140, st. Pionerskaia d. 50 and st. Kievskaia 3

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