SPA for face and head “Magic Mirror”

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Massage is not just for the body. The face and head can also be subjected to such influences. The procedure will positively affect the appearance and strengthen memory.

The subtleties of the procedure

Thai massage of the head and face can be carried out from half an hour to an hour, there is a kind of procedure with herbal pouches. During the massage:

  • reduces the number of wrinkles on the face;
  • the condition of the skin improves;
  • the process of skin regeneration is stimulated;
  • biological points are activated.

Thai facial and head massage makes the face more attractive, refreshes the skin, restoring its healthy color.

Тонкости процедуры


The results of the session – improving the appearance, tightening the oval of the face, reducing the number of wrinkles. Much depends on age, but rejuvenation is clearly coming. This can be seen even with the naked eye. The procedure is associated with the impact on biologically active points. And this means that it affects not only the appearance.

The use of points on the body opens up opportunities for improving the condition of internal organs. This leads to complex rejuvenation. In this case, the massage is carried out only for the face and head. Additional stimulation is not required at all.

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