SPA-program “Summer night”

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The aromas of herbs and meadows will make you lose yourself in time. The feeling of purity and freshness from peeling and a relaxing massage will bring harmony to your soul and body.

Thanks to the herbs in the bags, it is saturated with useful substances through the skin through open pores, healing and boosting immunity. All departures will be carried out synchronously.

The service includes:

  • Foot washing
  • Deep Salt Scrub with Summer Meadow Herbs
  • Nourishing Rice Flower Full Body Wrapping Mask
  • Velvet warm massage with oil and herbal pouches
  • Head massage
  • Tea ceremony

To increase the effect of removing water from the body, you can add Steaming in a Cedar barrel for 20 minutes for 1000 for two at My Thai on Savushkina 140, st. Pionerskaya d. 50, st. Kyiv 3

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