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Chocolate massage – a new level of bliss

It is difficult to find a procedure that gives the same unforgettable pleasure as a chocolate massage. For it, you will need two hours of free time, when you will not be distracted by phone calls and devote precious minutes to enjoyment.

Шоколадный массаж

Procedure steps

The procedure consists of the following steps:

  • shower to prepare the body for massage;
  • skin treatment with coffee or chocolate scrub;
  • chocolate wrap procedure;
  • hour massage with special chocolate cream.

After that, you can drink tea and enjoy the effect.

Advantages of the procedure

The price for a chocolate massage may seem high, but the money spent pays off many times over. After two hours of relaxation and rest, you can feel reborn.

In addition, chocolate is very healthy. It contains antioxidants, trace elements and vitamins. They have a beneficial effect on well-being in general and on the condition of the skin. The skin is renewed and rejuvenated, muscle tone increases. Dead cells are restored. During the massage, hormones of pleasure are actively released. According to the degree of impact, chocolate massage is difficult to compare with anything.

Procedure description:

  • Shower ( 10 min)
  • Coffee or chocolate body scrub ( 20 min)
  • Chocolate wrap ( 30 min)
  • Body cream massage “Chocolate”( 60 min)
  • tea drinking

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