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In sanatorium treatment, salt baths for the body are prescribed for skin problems, respiratory diseases, and neurological failures. Pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.

Each procedure is considered as an effective way of recovery, restoration of internal balance, good stimulation of metabolic processes in cells.

Salt baths are included in the complex of relaxing and wellness activities offered by spa centers.

Salt bath is a kind of mineral baths, one of the important components of balneotherapy. During the procedure, a number of factors simultaneously act on the body: chemical, temperature, mechanical, hydrostatic. The influence of all factors will determine the positive effect received by the human body.

Salt bath is an excellent remedy for the prevention of edema. A few sessions are enough for irritability to go away, fatigue after physical exertion to disappear, and sleep to normalize.

Take a spa salt bath and try different types of massage salon “My Thai”. Immerse yourself in the exotic atmosphere of Thailand, get rid of fatigue, recharge your energy and health with the help of individual procedures or unique programs compiled by our specialists.

Order a call back to clarify the cost and duration of the procedures, as well as choose one of the six salons in St. Petersburg to visit.

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