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Thai massage salon and Spa My Thai invites you to a relaxing bamboo massage using natural bamboo stems. Just one procedure to get rid of stress and headaches, raise the tone, improve blood flow in the tissues. A course of ten procedures will allow you to qualitatively work on problem areas, eliminate muscle tightness, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. People come to us to fully recover from physical and mental stress.

Why clients choose us:

  • a team of professional massage therapists works according to proven effective methods;
  • salons are conveniently located: in close proximity to the metro stations “Frunzenskaya”, “Begovaya”, “Nevsky Prospekt”;
  • we offer unique wellness and relaxation massage programs for the whole family;
  • masseurs use medicinal herbs, essential oils, heated stones, bamboo sticks and whisks as auxiliary components;
  • We regularly hold promotions, discounts on special offers reach 20%.

Especially popular are exotic types of massages, in particular, massage with bamboo sticks. The technique is also called Creole. Its origin is connected with the traditions of the inhabitants of the island state of Mauritius, for the most part being Creoles, descendants of European colonizers. The rhythm in which the procedure is carried out corresponds to the national shoga dance. Light tapping during the study of reflex zones gives an excellent tonic effect.

Какое действие оказывает бамбуковый массаж

What effect does bamboo massage have on the body

The sticks are left hollow or filled with sand, grain, small pebbles. It depends on the strength of the impact on the body.

Wellness Creole massage with bamboo sticks gives the following effect:

  • stimulates the lymphatic system, causes lymph outflow, relieves the body of excess fluid, serves as a prevention of edema;
  • accelerates metabolism, improves the condition of tissues;
  • has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, causes relaxation, that is, a decrease in the tone of the skeletal muscles, which is
  • necessary for high-quality relaxation;
  • changes the state of subcutaneous fat, has a pronounced anti-cellulite effect, promotes body shaping and weight loss.

The massage is more like a ceremony, in which the client simultaneously feels a delicate tapping, active tapping, intense rolling of the skin surface. The master either uses a large surface, or works pointwise. Pleasant sensations are added by the aroma of oils and light music.

How to massage with bamboo sticks

The master uses bamboo sticks and whisks at the same time. The technique combines tapping, rubbing, punching different zones. As a result, an active outflow of lymph is achieved, blood circulation in problem areas improves. Stressed muscles relax.

The physiological effect of therapeutic massage of the back, shoulders, collar zone, thighs and buttocks is based on the successive narrowing and expansion of blood vessels, creating conditions for increased oxygen supply to cells, and accelerating metabolic processes in the body. The process is regulated by the massage therapist with the help of the pace, the strength of the blows, the duration of the session.

Who is massage for

Bamboo stalks are actively used for SPA procedures and massage. The technique is suitable for relieving stress, physical and mental fatigue, reducing muscle pain, and fighting cellulite.

Massage is suitable for those who do not tolerate painful procedures. It seems that light sticks do not knock too much, leaving a pleasant impression. But Creole massage is no less effective than deep muscle work with your hands.

The price is from 3000 rubles. Depends on the time of the event: 30 minutes or 60 minutes. We work without days off. We provide discounts for corporate clients.

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