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SPA programs

Spa is a complex of healthy procedures aimed at a full rest of the whole body. Unique Thai techniques can work wonders. You will leave the salon a completely different person!

The benefits of spa treatments:

  • Complete relaxation, which is necessary for the prevention of stress, depression and neurosis. After a spa session, you relax, clear your mind, getting rid of all extraneous worries and negative emotions.
  • Muscle tension passes, which is especially often felt in people suffering from physical inactivity.
  • Joint warming – spa treatments are considered a good prevention of age-related changes that have a bad effect on physical condition.
  • The protective properties of the body are restored – you get sick less and become more resistant to harmful viruses and bacteria.

How are the spa treatments

If you need high-quality effective procedures, we invite you to visit our salon! We have created comfortable conditions for a good rest. Each client is in a separate, specially equipped room in which candles are burning, quiet beautiful music is playing, a pleasant aroma of herbs, essential oils, incense is in the air. You lie down on a couch covered with clean linen, the masseur applies a special composition to your body and carefully works out all parts of the body, paying special attention to problem areas. During the session, you experience pleasure, relax and relax.

Spa treatments for women and men

It is generally believed that women mainly take care of themselves. But modern men are no less in need of high-quality relaxation and restoration of vitality. In terms of the effect on the body, spa treatments are similar to massage, but with a more pronounced effect. Instead of conventional oils and creams, special formulations are used during sessions that effectively affect the skin and the psycho-emotional background of a person.

The average duration of a spa treatment is 120-150 minutes. Scrubbing of the whole body is performed in half an hour.

Inexpensive certificate for spa treatments in St. Petersburg

Birthday spa treatments are a good gift option for a friend or relative of any age. After visiting our salon, the hero of the occasion will have a lot of positive and memorable emotions.

Why you should buy a spa treatment in our salon:

  • Affordable prices – the cost depends on the type of spa treatment. Discounts are possible.
  • The use of safe cosmetics based on natural ingredients.
  • All programs are universal. Spa treatments can be presented as a gift to both a woman and a man of any age.
  • A favorable atmosphere – wet cleaning, ventilation, and replacement of accessories are regularly carried out in the rooms for spa treatments.
  • Experienced massage therapists – spa treatments and massages in our salon are conducted by trained masters from Thailand. Only they are familiar with the unique techniques developed more than 2 thousand years ago.

You can purchase a certificate for the spa program you are interested in or a certificate for the amount online by filling out a simple form on the website. Please your loved ones and give them pleasant emotions!

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