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My Thai Massage Salon & Spa provides Thai ear massage for effective stress relief and overall relaxation. The session time is 15 minutes. This is enough to work out biologically active points connected by blood vessels and energy meridians with all internal organs. The flow of energy directed by the master to the problem area relieves pain and spasms, eliminates fatigue and bad mood, and gives a powerful boost to the immune system.

Our advantages:

  • various types of massage and SPA programs;
  • practitioners trained in Bangkok;
  • daily reception of clients, without holidays and weekends;
  • regular promotions, bonus programs, discounts for regular and corporate clients.

You can choose one of our three salons: next to Begovaia, Frunzenskaia and Nevsky Prospekt metro stations.

В чем польза массажа ушей

What are the benefits of ear massage?

During the massage, complex reflex reactions occur, which through the nervous system affect the functioning of internal organs, relieve tension and headaches, and improve overall well-being.

What is ear massage good for?

  • to improve hearing;
  • strengthening immunity;
  • pressure normalization;
  • improving the functioning of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems;
  • relieve stress, calm the nerves;
  • reduction of allergic reactions;
  • stimulation of the production of endorphins – hormones of joy.

Regular massage serves as a good prevention of poor vision, angina attacks, stroke. Impact on the auricles allows you to quickly reduce nausea, headache and toothache.

Rules for holding

In the process of work, the master uses a variety of techniques: stroking, kneading, rubbing, patting, vibration, point impact. Techniques are aimed at warming up the upper and deep layers of tissues, activating blood flow. The therapeutic effect depends on the place of exposure in the structure of the ear. For example, massage of the tragus of the ears means the study of soft cartilage structures, a protrusion on the outer ear. In this place there are active points associated with the maxillary sinuses, larynx, adrenal glands.

Ear massage is performed simultaneously with both hands, symmetrically. A relaxed client experiences pleasant sensations when pressing on the reflex points. Fatigue, tightness passes, complete relaxation is achieved.

Massage of the earlobes and other parts of the auricle is not used as a full-fledged alternative method of treating diseases, but is excellent as an addition to traditional therapy for diseases of the ENT organs, disorders of the endocrine, nervous, and digestive systems.

You can maintain the achieved effect with the help of self-massage. Start with easy actions, move on to more intense ones. Each movement is repeated at least 10 times.

Who is massage recommended for?

Men and women of any age. The service has no contraindications. The exceptions are diseases of an inflammatory nature, diseases in the acute stage, a purulent process in the structure of the ear. If your attention is focused on aspects of health, then ear massage can be considered as a great way to deal with stress, quickly relieve irritation, and eliminate phobias. It improves mental well-being, normalizes sleep.

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