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Tok Sen massage is one of the oldest healing sound vibration Thai massages with a history of 5000 years. “Tok” is a hammer, and “Sen” is a line of vital energy passing through the human body.

The essence of the massage is to tap with a special hammer and wand along the energy lines, which allows you to remove the blockage in the energy channels, restore the flow of energy, relax the tight muscles of the body, mainly the deep ones, which cannot be achieved with other massage techniques. Where the most painful sensations are, there are stagnation.

This massage has a persistent and pronounced therapeutic effect in diseases of the musculoskeletal system and some internal organs, perfectly stretches the tendons and ligaments, “puts” them in place. Tok Sen will help the body remove negative energy, recover and cleanse the body.

In its own way, this is a unique, unparalleled massage.

IMPORTANT! Available only in salons on the street. Kievskaia 3, st. Savushkina 140, st. Marata 22-24.

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