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In Thailand, it is customary to massage babies from birth, and this tradition is quite justified, because the first language that parents and a child communicate with is the language of touch. Proper touching and stroking play an important role in the development of the baby, and also make a serious contribution to the creation of harmonious relationships in the family.

In Russia, it is customary to do massage for children under the age of one, and for the most part for medical reasons. Meanwhile, children who receive a sufficient “dose” of the right touches are much less likely to be stressed and develop better – this has been proven.

Children’s massage can be started almost from the first days of a baby’s life: at first it can be light touches, stroking. Then you can turn to professional massage therapists. As a rule, the results are not long in coming.

What are the Benefits of Baby Massage?

  • Children who receive regular massage

they sleep much better and longer, they do not have any problems falling asleep, they wake up easily.

  • Children who know well what massage is,

tend to feel better than touch-deficient children.

  • Regular baby massage

will minimize such a problem as colic, as it stimulates the digestive tract.

  • Shown massage for children,

born prematurely – with regular visits to the masseur, they gain noticeably more weight.

  • Professional massage strengthens muscles

promotes the development of coordination in infants, preparing them for future physical exertion – such children sit down faster, begin to crawl, walk.

Not only for a small child, massage is very useful. For older children, massage performed by specialists can also bring significant benefits – in terms of both psychological and physical development. Moreover, different massage techniques are shown for different ages.

Thai massage for children of different ages

Children under six years old are not ready to be left without parents for a long time, so moms or dads are often present at massage sessions. Massage is necessarily carried out in a playful way – if the specialist finds an approach to the child, the baby will be happy to go to the procedures. Massage at this age is not so complicated – the master pulls the children by the arms and legs, gently, gently presses on different parts of the body, turns from side to side, thus providing a good passive training for muscles and ligaments.

Children from seven to ten years old are usually restless. They go to elementary school and only learn to control themselves, to comply with a strict routine. The main purpose of massage at this age is to bring the child to physical and mental harmony. Usually we are talking about a complex of various massage techniques – a massage of the feet and hands, a collar zone, a massage with special herbal bags, and a “cherry on the cake” – a children’s OIL massage that allows you to relieve tension, relax muscles, ligaments, nerves.

For teenagers, Thai masters offer their own technique: massage, designed to harmonize the psycho-emotional sphere. In the period from 10 to 15 years, the child’s body is rebuilt, and Thai massage for children will help to balance the internal state. Usually, the program includes traditional Thai massage, massage with herbal bags, “titan massage”: for each child, a different technique is selected that will help to cope with individual problems.

Тайский массаж для детей разного возраста

How to prepare a child for a massage?

In order for the child to get the maximum pleasure and benefit from the massage, it is necessary to properly tune in to the procedures.

It is important that the child trusts the master, so that the baby is happy to make contact, to be able to relax as much as possible in the presence of a stranger.

If we are talking about a small child, it is worth preparing the baby for a massage. Parents can start by talking about Thai massage, massage therapists, and the benefits of massage treatments. If you want to convey maximum information to the child, present the story in the form of a fairy tale: for example, about how the dog’s back hurt after a long walk, but she found Aibolit, who knew how to give an excellent massage. An older child can be told about the benefits of massage using interesting facts about history. In general, theoretical training will not be superfluous in any case.

You can try to arrange a “Thai salon” at home and start accustoming the child to massage on their own – stroking, gently kneading the muscles. But remember that in this case, your task is not to make a full-fledged Thai massage, but to teach the child to listen to his body. Masters will be able to fix the effect.

Как подготовить ребенка к массажу

Where to get a massage for a child?

Children’s massage in St. Petersburg is offered by many medical and massage centers. My Thai is one of the best options: our studio employs real professionals who love and know how to do their job. For each of our clients, even the smallest, we will definitely find our own approach… so that the benefits and pleasure of massage are maximum. Contact us!

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