Chinese Massage “TUINA”

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This type of massage in 600 AD. was included as an independent discipline in the Imperial Medical College, proving its effectiveness in the treatment and prevention of diseases. There are seven types of Tuina massage, which is performed by a massage therapist. Refers to the basic methods of treatment and prevention.

In the European sense, massage is an auxiliary or relaxing means. Chinese traditional medicine takes a different approach. Tuina massage therapy is a serious medical discipline that is over a thousand years old. Already in the 220th century AD. The treatise “Ten Volumes of Tuina Therapy of Huan Di and Qi Bo” was compiled, since this method occupied a leading role in the work of doctors.

This massage was developed among the Shaolin monks, who needed a quick and effective way to restore injuries, damage and diseases of the organs. As we can see, the test of time has proven the effectiveness of this type of treatment.

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