Guasha massage (back and neck area)

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Do you want to touch the ancient Oriental massage practices? Guasha massage is one of them.

“Gua” in Chinese means to scrape, and “Sha” means to take away everything bad, therefore, Guasha means to scrape off everything negative from yourself.

This non-standard massage is performed with a jade or wooden scraper, most often affecting the back area, affecting the meridians and points of the body. The first Sha movements are always the strongest and most tangible.

In the East, it is often used for the prevention and treatment of acute respiratory viral infections, because. scratching effect on the body increases blood circulation and improves immunity. If you have edema, migraines, meteorological dependence, muscle spasms, insufficient blood circulation or lymph flow, slagging of the body, then this massage is suitable for you.

With Thai balm, the scratchy sensation of scraping will leave your body feeling well-toned and energized.

IMPORTANT! Painful and tickling sensations may occur during the movement of scrapers over the body, as well as red subcutaneous spots.

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