Terms of payment and refund


By bank card

On the website thaispb.ru and in our centers we accept payment with Visa, Mir, MasterCard and Maestro cards.

In cash

We accept cash payments at our spas. When ordering a gift certificate on our website, cash payment to the courier is available.

A gift certificate or a subscription

If you are signed up with an electronic gift certificate or an electronic subscription, then it is not necessary to print it. It is enough to show the administrator a picture with a certificate / subscription on your smartphone.
If you are registered with a paper certificate, be sure to take it with you. The administrator is obliged to “redeem” your gift certificate after providing the service. After that, the administrator can, at your request, either give it to you as a keepsake, or keep it for himself.
If you have been presented with a certificate for an amount or several services, and after providing the service there is a balance on the certificate, the administrator returns the certificate to you outstanding, and you sign for the service received in the visitor log or guest questionnaire. When the amount or services on the certificate run out, the administrator extinguishes your certificate.
Please keep the paper gift certificate if there is any money or services left on it. If you lose your paper gift certificate or subscription, you will not be able to use them.

Terms of refund

Cancellation of the reservation

The salon sets the deadline by which the customer can cancel the reservation without penalty. If cancelled after the specified period, a fine may be charged or the deposit may not be refunded.

Problems with the provision of services

If the salon is unable to provide the service for some reason (for example, due to technical problems), the client may be offered a full refund or rescheduling the service to another time.

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