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ATTENTION! Available only in salons at the following addresses: st. Savushkina, 140; st. Kievskaia, 3; st. Pionerskaia, 50.

Herbal steaming in a cedar barrel will help restore the body and get a boost of energy, the procedure in which is a real pleasure!

The benefits of a spa treatment in a cedar barrel

SPA barrel made of cedar is a compact phytosauna in which steam is supplied by a steam generator. The top of the booth and the doors close tightly, preserving the healing steam, which is saturated with cedar phytoncides, which are detrimental to pathological microorganisms.

Steaming in a phyto-barrel is a procedure based on the supply of steam with herbs and essential oils. The temperature inside the cabin is monitored by a thermostat, leaving a comfortable (up to + 50C) temperature for the body.

The benefits of a phytosauna in a cedar barrel are:

  • In deep cleansing of the skin.
  • In increasing the tone of all muscles.
  • In relieving fatigue after playing sports or physical labor.
  • In stress relief.
  • In clearing the lungs.
  • In improving metabolism.
  • In strengthening the musculoskeletal system and joint mobility.

Regular visits to the cedar barrel contribute to weight loss.

Our offers

We invite you to take advantage of the offer to visit a cedar barrel! The service is suitable for both one and two. The service can be ordered online or by phone.

Spa programs for two, offered by MY THAI salon, will help to introduce novelty in relationships and add romance to them.

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