SPA-program “Yin Yang”

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Discover a luxurious treatment for two, where each of you is given special attention.

Yin-Yang is a harmony of opposites, where light breezes of HIS aromas and HER languishing sweet notes complement each other. Massage and care for every cell of your body will make your hearts beat in unison. Feel the velvety of the skin after wonderful oils and masks. Feel the lightness after 2 hours flying like 1 minute with us. And oriental teas after the SPA ritual will prolong the aftertaste of amazing moments.

For him:

  • Foot washing;
  • Scrub with Carambola and lime;
  • Full body massage “Tropical breeze” with carambola and lime oil;
  • Foot massage;
  • Head massage.

For her:

  • Foot washing;
  • Chocolate scrub;
  • Chocolate mask;
  • Relaxing full body massage with chocolate cream;
  • Gold moisturizing face mask;

To increase the effect of removing water from the body, you can add Steaming in a Cedar barrel for 20 minutes for 1000 for two at My Thai on Savushkina 140, st. Pionerskaya d. 50 and st. Kyiv 3.

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