SPA “Thai fairy tale”

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Let yourself be disconnected from the worldly bustle and plunge into the world of dreams and relaxation of the East. A chic three-hour program will reboot your mind and body, make your skin glow and your eyes smile. Combining services, massages and aromas in this program, you yourself write your own extraordinary fairy tale, a fairy tale that warms the soul.

Included: You can choose any SPA program from our menu as a base, supplement it with a hammam, a bath or a cedar barrel (on Savushkina 140, Pionerskaya st. 50, 3 k.2 Paradnaya str. , 22-24 Marat str., 34 k. 1 Tipanova str.), a face mask, choose a massage (one specialist) and lengthen its duration. The program is designed for 3 hours.

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