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Body scrub is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to give the skin a radiant, healthy appearance by ridding it of cells that have already served their purpose. There are many advantages of body scrubbing, the main ones are the simplicity of the procedure, its painlessness, and the rapid achievement of a visible result. Add to this the affordable prices for body scrub treatments and you have the perfect way to take care of your own body.

A few words about body scrubs

Scrub is any cosmetic mixture that contains solid small particles. Also, the composition usually includes moisturizing ingredients, the main function of which is to take care of renewed skin that has lost its shell of dead cells, dust, and excess fat deposits.

Regardless of which cosmetic mixture is used for body scrubbing, the benefits of the procedure are obvious:

  • scrub clears clogged pores

promotes the elimination of the stratum corneum, which provides free access of oxygen to skin cells;

  • high-quality scrubs restore and moisturize the upper layer of the dermis

after mechanical action of solid microparticles, as a result of which the skin is not only cleansed, but also restored, nourished;

  • scrubbing massages the upper layers of the skin

which leads to the activation of blood circulation – this, in turn, contributes to the activation of metabolism, with all the ensuing pleasant consequences, ranging from the loss of extra pounds and ending with the strengthening of the body’s immune forces.

If we talk about the types of scrubs that are present on the modern market, then the whole variety of scrubbing cosmetics can be divided into two large groups: water-based and oil-based mixtures.

The composition of oil scrubs includes oil and solid microparticles. As solid particles, ground coffee beans, grape seeds, olives, or salt or sugar crystals can usually be used. As for the consistency of the scrub, it can be either liquid (resembling lotion) or pasty. Oil scrub mixtures are great for restoring, additionally nourishing the epidermis, and are often used during spa massages.

As for water-based scrubs, they usually contain essential oils. The consistency in this case can be any – cream, liquid or in the form of a lotion. In terms of exfoliating particles, water-based scrubs usually use cellulose or silicone particles, which are gentle on the skin. These products are the best option for working with sensitive or dry skin.

Why do a body scrub?

The cost of body scrubbing in St. Petersburg salons cannot be called low, so a completely logical question arises, is this procedure really necessary to maintain the skin in perfect condition? To answer this question, it is worth exploring the main advantages of body scrub. There are many of them, so we will consider only the main ones.

  • Cleansing.

The main task of any scrub is to clean the surface of the skin from dust, excess fat deposits, and dead cells. This effect will be especially relevant on hot summer days or during periods of increased activity, when the human dermis begins to produce a maximum of sebaceous and sweat secretions – as a result, the skin becomes sticky, and dust and harmful components stick to it, which, in combination with the remnants of cosmetics, forms a dense layer of plaque. This layer does not allow the skin to breathe, in addition, it prevents the dermis from receiving nutrients and cell renewal. You can use soap, but no such product will clean the pores of dust and dirt that have got into them. In addition, soap dries the skin, leading to a violation of the natural fat balance. Scrub, on the contrary, unlike soap, does not just cleanse the skin (deeply), but also nourishes it and moisturizes it.

  • Nutrition and hydration.

A properly selected scrub containing natural oils, emollients, vitamins, mineral salts not only helps to cleanse the skin at a deep level, but also moisturizes and nourishes the dermis – during scrubbing, the skin takes a number of useful microelements from the cosmetic mixture, so after the procedure is completed you will not need additional care products, creams. Of course, only if the scrubbing mixture was chosen correctly.

  • Massage effect.

The composition of scrubbing agents includes microparticles that massage the upper layers of the dermis, which leads to an acceleration of the process of blood microcirculation. This, in turn, disperses stagnant subcutaneous deposits, prepares the skin for the use of healing, moisturizing, tonic agents. Often body scrub is used before the use of fat-burning agents or as part of complex therapy to remove scars or stretch marks from the skin.

My Thai studio offers different spa programs. In particular, if you are looking for specialists offering body scrubs in St. Petersburg on favorable terms (using high-quality cosmetic scrubs at affordable prices), we will be glad to see you in our offices. We wait!

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