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Slim-massage is the best way to stimulate metabolism, work out “problem” areas and get rid of body fat. The technique is used for body shaping and fat burning.

Features of the procedure

Thai slim massage:

  • performed with Hot Chili warming oil;
  • allows you to remove fat deposits in “problem” areas;
  • increases muscle and vitality;
  • makes the figure more toned and slim.


In addition, the procedure improves mood and causes a burst of energy. Massage can last from half an hour to an hour and a half. One and a half hours is the maximum for such high-intensity effects on the body.

How is it carried out

Massage is recommended to be done regularly, 2-3 procedures per week. Results will be noticeable from the first week. After 10 procedures, the figure will become more slender. Before the session, the area for treatment is selected: hips, abdomen, buttocks, back, waist. It is these areas that are “problematic”.

After selecting a zone, a special warming oil is applied to the surface. It also affects the effectiveness of the procedure. The regularity of visiting the spa guarantees the appearance of significant changes in the figure. Fat deposits will not be able to withstand such processing.

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