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The author’s slimming program Slim Talas. The duration of the procedures is 2 hours.

  • Shower (10 min)
  • Whole body scrub based on kelp (30 minutes);
  • The final stage will be a Slim massage based on red pepper oil (60 minutes).
  • tea drinking

Result: When the mask is heated, the action of the components is enhanced, sea mud removes toxins, massage will restore skin tone, get rid of excess moisture and cellulite. And oil with red pepper will have a tonic and strong fat-burning effect for several hours after the massage.

Good to know: Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, the Slim Talas treatment will feel different. In any case, burning and redness will occur during the entire cycle, because the Slim Talas program literally gives a good result at a time. But after all, every woman knows – Beauty requires sacrifice! Therefore, if you need maximum effect in minimum time – Slim Talas is the program for you.

To sign up for a spa treatment, call or leave a request on the website. Our managers will contact you as soon as possible.

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